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Follow these steps to make hotmail account

1. Goto hotmail signup page, click here.
2. Fill the form that comes up on the page. If you need help, please keep reading



Follow these steps to make hotmail account


(read if you do not know how fill in the form)

1. Make a e-mail address that is suitable for you and one that you will remember. Try to keep it short.

2. Create a password. Just like the e-mail address, make sure its a suitable one and one you can remember, and has nothing to do with your e-mail address.

3. Retype yuor password. This is to make sure that you have entered that password you want.

4 and 5. Enter your First and Last name. You dont have to, but if you want your friends to find you, you may want to put your real name. It is not necessary to.

6. Select the Country or region where you live.

7. Then select the State or Terrioty that you live in.

8. Then enter you postal code. If you don not know what it is, you can google it.

9. Select your gender

10. Type in the year you were born in.

11. You muct type in the code of random letters and numbers that you see into the box below. If you can not see it or understand what it says, you can pick a new one but clicking the "new" button.

12. If you want to recieve e-mails and news about hotmail, click the box. If you wish not to, then just unclick the box.

13. After you read the Agreements and statements, and you agree with them, then you can click "I accept".