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1. Goto Network and sharing center

There are several ways to do this:

- Click start or Windows icon, click on Control Panel, on the right had plane click classic view, go down to Networ and sharing center and double click

- In Vista and Windows 7, click Windows icon, then in the search, type "Network and sharing center". you should see Network and sharing center appear above double click the icon

- In viata, Windows 7 and XP you may see two small computer icons in the system tray, right click the icon and click on Network and sharing center


2. From the right had plane click, in Vista click Manage network connections, in windows 7 click Change adapter settings


3. Right click the Wireless network adapter, this may appear as Wireless network connection



4. Click properties


5. Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP) on the Networking tab



6. Cick "Properties"


7. In the General tab, click the radio button Use the following IP address:



8. Enter IP address (this is your computers static IP), Subnet mask usually gets picked up (, enter a default gateway if you have a ad-hoc network setup this usually you ICS computer or you server.


9. Click the radio button Use the follwoing DNS server address: You can enter the same IP in the Preferred DNS server, if you have a ad-hoc network setup this usually you ICS computer's IP or your server's IP.


10. press Ok and Close Wireless network connection properties