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Make sure that all connecting computers are on a Work network for Windows 7 and Private network for Vista and XP. File and Printer sharing will not work on Public network type due to security reasons. Network discovery must be turned on. To change the network type click here.


Make sure that Windows 7 computer and the connecting computer are both on the same Workgroup


To change the Workgroup in Windows 7 follow the below instructions:

1. Click start->Computer->Properties

2. Right click the Properties

3. In the Window that pops, navigate down to "Computer name, domian, and workgroups settings

4. Click on "Change Setting"

5. On the System Properties window, stay on the Computer Name tab

6. In the "To rename the computer or change the domain or workgroup", click Change. Click the Change button

7. In the Computer Name/Domian Changes

8. Add you desired workgroup name in the Workgroup text box,and press OK

9.You will need to restart the computer for the chnages to take effect. For more illustrated details click here


Apply this same procedure to the second computer to set exactly the same workgroup


Now turn File and Printer Sharing on and Password protection off on the Windows 7 computer. To do this follow the below instructions:

1. Click   start->Control panel

2. On the Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center

3. On the Network and Sharing Center click Change advanced sharing settings

4. In the advanced sharing settings window set:

Turn on network discovery

Turn on file and printer sharing

Turn off password protected sharing



After these configurations navigate to the folder you want to share:

1. Right click the folder->Share with->Specific poeple

2. Add Everyone




1. Rigth click the folder->Properties

2. In the properties windows click on the Sharing tab

3. Click on the "Advanced Sharing..." button

4. On the next windows click "Permissions"

5. On the next windows click "Add"

6. On the next windows click "Advanced..."

7. On the next windows click "Find"

8. Navigate to Everyone select

9.  Press OK


This will now share the folder and should be accessible via the netwok on the second computer