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To install Windows 7 from command prompt you will need to ceate a Windows 7 bootup/repair disk. You will need to creat this from a computer with Windows 7 or Window Vista.


For instructions on how to create bootup/repair disk click here.


Change the BIOS boot priority to boot from CD/DVD first. Insert the bootup/repair disk in the CD/DVD rom and at the prompt "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.." press Enter. The bootup/repair disk will now bootup the computer from CD/DVD rom to System Recovery Options window.


On the System Recovery Options click on Command Prompt.


Eject the boot/repair disk and insert the Windows 7 installation disk.


Change the directory in the command prompt to the CD/DVD drive, using below command lines

x:\sources>cd /d F: [press enter]

F:\dir [press enter]

F:\setup.exe [press enter, this will start you Windows 7 installtion]


Then type setup.exe. Follow the step to install a clean Windows 7 OS. For more instruction click here.