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The easiest way to fix this problem is to find the non working device in your computers Device Manager and uninstall the device and reinstall it by detecting new hardware. This process can be applied fix other hardware devcies that are not shown or recognised by Windows OS.

The instruction are based on Windows Vista and 7, but similar procedure applies to Windows XP.

1. Click Windows start

2. Goto Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System

3. In this window click Device Manager
   You can also get to this window by clicking Windows start > right click Computer > click Properties

4. In the Device Manager look for devices with yellow exclamation mark. Similar to the image below

5. Right on the Unknown Device > goto Properties

6. In the Propertices window click the Driver tab

7. Click Uninstall. This will unistal the device from the computer

8. In the Device Manager window click Action > Scan for hardware changes

9. Follow the windows instructions to installing the device. You can select to instal the device driver by automatically searching the internet. This option will be presented to you when installing the device.

10. At the prompt "Windows needs to install driver software" select  "Locate and install driver software (Recommended)"