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How to create a digital shdow in Photoshop PDF Print E-mail
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Open photo shop


  • Cut out the image using Polygonal Lasso Tool




  • On the layer click CTRL+Shift+Left Click to select the image only



  • With the Gradient Tool using Black as the primary color make the image black



  • Transform this image by Flipping Vertical



  • Have both the original image and the black vertically flipped image visible




  • Drag the black image (which will become the digital reflection) to the desired position




  • Transform by Rotating as desired




  • Transform by DIstort or Skew as desired



  • Fade the image as desired (around 50% to 65% or as desired).



  • Blur the flection shadow with Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur
  • Create a new layer with a white background to see the reflection.



Adjust as desired.


Click here to see demo video.