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Sign into your PayPal account or register for a new PayPal account


Click the link below:


There is a selection of buttons, we will select Buy Now

Step 1: Choose a button type


For single item: Enter Item name, Price, Select Currency

Note* You cannot have a single email link with dropdown selections


For selection of payments, tick  Add drop-down menu with price/option: Enter selection names, Price

For selection of option without price, tick Add dropdown menu: Enter selection names


Enter postage


Under Merchant account IDs select Use my secure merchant account ID (this will hide your user email to the public)

Step  2: Tick Save button at PayPal


step 4: If you want a logo to be presented instead of the default email

Under the "Advanced Variables" Section, click the "Add advanced variables." check box

Type image_url=http://....  enter url of the logo image



Step 3: Leave all other options in default


Click the Create Button


You will be provided with the button code copy and paste it in your prefered HTML page on your website


If you need a single email link you will need to use a Single item button. Then click the email tab