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Create a new sheet with a transparent background

Duplicate the layer by clicking Create a new layer

Fill in the second layer with a dark grey colour, using the Paint bucket tool or the Gradient tool

Create a third layer and fill that layer with a light grey colour

To create a fiber background we’ll download Spiderman Pattern from

On the Layer panel click on the Add layer style

Select Pattern overlay...

Click the small down arrow > small right arrow > click Load Patterns...

Select the downloaded spiderman pattern

Adjust the scale to 25% (or desired level)

From the Layer panel set the Opacity to 25% (or desired level)

Select the dark grey layer > click on Add a layer style

Select Gradient Overlay...

Click on Gradient > Choose "Foreground to transparent"

Select Style "Radial"> Tickt Reverse

Adjust Angle and scale to desired levels

Select the text tool and enter text for the logo in your desired font

With the text layer selected > click on the Add layer style

Select Drop Shadow

Select Gradient overlay

Click on Gradient > Choose "Natural density"

Select Style "Linear"

Adjust Angle and Scale to desired levels

The final Layer panel should look similar to below 

The  result


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