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To add Google Analytics in a Wordpress site follow the below instructions:


1.Login wordpress admin panel


2. Goto Appearance > Editor (theme editor)



3. Select the header.php or footer.php or index.php



4. Find the tag in header.php  or the tag in footer.php or index.php


5. Copy and paste the Google Analytics code before just the   or tag


6. Don’t forget to click Update File to save changes. Note* if you are unable to to save the file via the Wordpress admin add the analytics code via FTP


7. If these manual steps fail to activate the analytics, install a Wordpress Google Analytics plugin. You can also download WP Google Analytics plugin from our Query Answer Database.


To add the Google Analytics to Magento follow the below instructions:


1. Set up Google Analytics.



2. Log in to the Admin section of the Magento shopping cart and select System > Configuration

3. Under Sales select Google API. Then, click to expand the Google Analytics section, and set the following:



4. In the Account Number field, enter your Tracking ID, including the “UA-” prefix UA-########-#. The number can be found on the Google Analytics account page and also in the Google Analytics code for your site.


5. Set Enable IP Anonymization to “No.”

According to Google, anonymizing IP addresses can reduce the accuracy of geographic data in the Analytics report.


6. Save config. And check the status is Google Analytics