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1. Load the original image in Photoshop



2. Reduce the size of image by re-sizing to the desired width. In this case width 400px.



3. Copy image and paste the image on to the frame the reflection is going to be made. Note* you do not need to copy-paste the image on to a second frame you can create the image on the same frame.

4. Create a copy of the layer by dragging the new layer on to the "Create a new layer" icon


5. Click Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical



6. Drag the flipped layer to the bottom of the first upright later



7. With the flipped layer selected click on "Add layer mask"



8. Select the gradient tool from the left tools panel



9. With the flipped layer selected, hold the "Shift" key down and left click the mouse and drag up on the flipped layer. This will fade the layer and produce a reflective appearance on the image.



10. For better visual affect skew the reflection layer. Click Edit>Transform>Skew



11. Drag the bottom left and right corners to the left or right keeping both lines parallel as possible. Click the tick icon.



12. The reflection image is complete.



You can also watch the below video for a demonstration of the above process.