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You can set up Analytics Goals to monitor how your users interact with your website. This is especially valuable for online businesses with shopping carts or eCommerce sites.



  • Login to you Google Analytics account
  • Click on Admin from the top menu
  • Under View menu click Goals
  • Under Goals you should be able to see all the current goal set up
  • To create a new click on the +NEW GOAL button
  • Select the most appropriate goal. e.g. for an shopping cart site select Place an order,  for a simple website select Contact us or Custom.
  • Enter a Goal description this is the name of your goal. Type use Destination


Goal Details are the most important.


  • In the Destination dropdown you can select several options. If know the target URL is fixed or static then Select  Equals to enter that URL.




  • If the target URL is dynamic such as when a payment is made or a thank you page is display that dynamically updates the URL for each instance then Select  Regular expression or Begins with  enter that URL only up to the static end.




  • You can set up a Funnel which is optional. The funnel will tell you how your users arrive at the destination URL. Example for a shopping cart  you funnel may be view cart or cart.



  • Click Verify this goal to see if you goal set up works.
For more info click here.