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Your Title tag: The tag <title> length optimal is 65 characters Aim for 65 characters including spaces.



You can go up to 69 characters in total, but try not to exceed this. Anything longer will be truncated in search results.


Your Description meta tag: The meta description tag length is optimal between 150-160 characters.



Aim for 156 characters including spaces and try for no more than 160. You can use less if it will read better.


Your Keywords meta tag: This is the most important meta tag in SEO which search engines such as Google picks up when a search term is entered. It is best to use a SEO Company that has the knowledge to research and tell you what keywords you should optimize on.



• Make it short and sweet describing the content as best as possible.

• Use less words/characters if it reads better

• Use Hyphens (-) to seperate words within the URL

• Avoid numbers and try to include keywords instead.

• Utilize subfolders instead of subdomains, subdomains don't carry the same link juice as the main domain. Try a link like: ( rather than using (

• Choose either ( or ( to avoid duplicate content. A simple use of a 301 redirect will fix this for you.


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