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If you have installed Magestore Bannerslider and receiving the below error


Magento Fatal error: Call to a member function setStoreId() on a non-object in /app/code/community/Magestore/Bannerslider/Block/Adminhtml/Bannerslider/Edit/Tab/Form.php on line 32


Navigate to the above error file: app/code/community/Magestore/Bannerslider/Block/Adminhtml/Bannerslider/Edit/Tab/Form.php

Goto line 32

Comment out the line: $model->setStoreId(Mage::app()->getStore(true)->getId());

as //$model->setStoreId(Mage::app()->getStore(true)->getId());


For more info click here.


You can download the Magestore Sliderbanner here.

To install the banner paste following line in the Home Page: {{block type='bannerslider/bannerslider' template='bannerslider/bannerslider.phtml'}}