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Creating a 3D wrap around ribbon effect in Photoshop PDF Print E-mail
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If you want to create a wrap around banner or ribbon on an image follow the below instructions.


1. Load the image you want the ribbon wrapped around.



2. Now create a pointed edge from images custom shape tool make sure you have selected the color you want.




3. Create a rectangle with the same height with the width slightly longer that the image.


4. Fill in the gap with the same color.



6. Hide the image layer and make sure only the above ribbon layers are visible.


7. Right click the visible layers and merge the visible layers to produce the final ribbon that will look as below.



6. From rectangle tool create a square with slightly darker in color to the above ribbon.



7. From Edit>Transform>Rotate rotate the square as below.



8. Now when you place the ribbon, image and square in order. You will see the wrap around ribbon is starting to take shape.



9. Now add the affects for the top ribbon as below:





10 Now add the affect on the square piece as below:



11. To add the dot  "............"   using the horizontal type tool  with opacity 18% and add the below text affects:





12. Duplicate the dots.



13. Add text and your wrap around ribbon is done.


For a video demonstration watch the below clip.