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If you want to install an Instagram widget to stream and integrate an Instagram account into a website some instances will require a Client ID and Client Secret obtained from developer section of Instagram.


1. Login if your not already.


2. Go to the Instagram Developer page:


3. Click on ”Register your application”.


4. If you don’t already have a application registered, you will now see a form to register a new one. If you instead see a list of ”clients”, click the ”Register new client” at the top right.


5. Set application name to your websites name.


6. Type in a description, something like ”Registering to get a client ID to use in the EP Hashimage wordpress plugin”.


7. Add the url of you site on the two last fields. Hit register.


8. Click ”Manage clients” in the top menu and you will now see you new client in the list and a client id, client secret and more. Copy the client_id and past that in the right field in the EP Hashimage settings page.



9. Save and you are ready to use the Instagram API to search after images directly on Instagram.


10. Past the Client ID and Client Secret in the Wordpress plugin.



For more info click here.


You can download a Wordpress Instagram plugin here. Example shorcode for plugin: [si_feed width="50px" limit="4"]