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1. Log in to the Admin , select Catalog > Manage Categories.

2. In the Categories panel on the left, click the Add Subcategory button. With the name you want to appear in the main menu. e.g. Contact US



3. In the category tree on the left, drag the new category to the position where you want it to appear in the menu.

4. Click the Save Category button.

5. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > URL Rewrite Management.

6. In the list, find the entry for the subcategory you created. If you can't find it do search in Requested Path

7. Set Redirect to “Permanent (301).” When complete, click the Save button.



8. In the upper-right corner of the URL Rewrite Management page, click the Add URL Rewrite button.

9. In the Type Select Custom, In the ID Path field, enter the URL key e.g. Contact Us page is “contacts/.”

10 Of the page to be linked. In this case, the Contact Us page is “contacts/.”

11. In the Request Path field, enter the subcategory e.g. catalog/category/view/id/37 which you can find from URL Rewrite Management.

12. In the Target Path field, enter the path to the new page. e.g. contacts/.” 13. In the redirects select Permanent (301). click the Save button.



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