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Moving Magento 2.x to another server PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom   


  • Edit the file /app/etc/env.php from the old folder
  • Transfer all files and folders via FTP to new server
  • Export database from phpMyAdimin or by command prompt:


mysqldump -u root databasename > dumpfilename.sql



  • Navigate to you XAMPP or WAMP mysql folder



mysqldump -u root myryda7 > dumpfilename.sql


  • Open command prompt by holding shift and right click them click Open command window here. Info from here.



  • Login to phpMyAdmin import the Magento database and edit the table core_config_data


Edit the following fields: web/unsecure/base_url : with the new URL

web/secure/base_url : with the new URL



  • Clear the Magento cache.
  • You can do this either via the Magento admin panel > System > Cache management
  • Or by deleting the contents of the var/cache and var/session folders inside your Magento installation directory.