Traceroute is a command : Trace the path to a website from your computer Print
Written by Tom   

Traceroute is a command which can show you the path a packet of data takes from your computer to another computer or a webserver hosting a website for example.

Open the command prompt and type:


tracert  (e.g. tracert


This will perform a traceroute from a home computer in New Zealand to in USA



The information may be interpreted as follows:

1 is the internet gateway on the network this traceroute was done from (an ADSL modem in this case)

2 is the ISP the origin computer is connected to (

3 is also in the xtra network

4 timed out

5 - 9 are all routers on the network (the domain that is the internet gateway out of New Zealand)

10 - 14 are all in the USA (a telecom supplier in the USA)

15 - 17 are on the nac network (Net Access Corporation, an ISP in the New York area)

18 is a router on the network is hosted on

and finally, line 19 is the computer is hosted on (