Editing Zoho CRM automated email template rule for leads Print
Written by Tom   

The below instructions will detail how to edit or create a Zoho CRM workflow rule to send emails automatically when a new lead is created or a when leads are imported via the API call.



  • Login into Zoho CRM and click on Setup
  • Under Automation click on Workflow
  • To create a new rule click on Create Rule
  • To edit an existing to rule or the email template, select the Rule Name and click on the rule
  • Under actions Send Alerts click on the Email Template
  • On the bottom click Edit
  • Edit the email template with WYSIWYG editor or in HTML


Zoho API Calls: https://www.zoho.com/crm/help/api/examples.html#2._Fetch_Records_from_the

Call to API leads to create email rule wftrigger=true.