Adding a custom send button in Contact Form 7 for Wordpress Print
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Create the contact form in the Contact Form 7


To create a custom submit button click Generate Tag  and select Submit button



In the class option enter a class name e.g. foo



Upload the send button image in the Wordpress media.

You now need to create this class in the Wordpress theme CSS.


Navigate to the theme folder and open the style.css. e.g. website\wp-content\themes\yourtheme


On the bottom of the style.css enter the below code:

.foo {color:#FFF; width:100px; height:28px; font-size: 0px; background-image:url( /uploads/2014/12/send-button-1.png); background-repeat:no-repeat;}


Note* the fon-size:0px; is to make the Send text disappear.



Save the form and embed it into a page