Change field width in Contact form 7 in Wordpress Print
Written by Tom   

To change the width of the default fields in Contact form 7 used in Wordpress, you don't necessarily need to add CSS code. You can adjust the size and width of the form fields within the contact form from within the Wordpress admin.



  • Login to the Wordpress admin
  • Navigate to the desired Contact form 7 that has been created previously
  • Add the Size:50 option e.g:

  • <p><br /> [text* your-name size:30 placeholder "Your Name*"] </p>

  • To adjust the message textarea add the (cols)x(rows) option e.g:

  • <p><br /> [textarea your-message 35x10 placeholder "Your Message*"] </p>


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  • To add columns use HTML table tags
  • <table max-width="100%">
  • <tbody>
  • <tr>
  • <td width="33.33%">
  • <p>[text text-833 placeholder "Width cm"]</td><td><p>[text text-13 placeholder "Height cm"]</p> </td><td><p>[text text-961 placeholder "Length cm"]</p> </td></tr></tbody></table>