Getting Started

1. Inquire With Us

You can receive our services either by contact us via phone or by logging in a Client Query

By Email:
By Client Query


2. Record your problem

When you encounter a computer problem, first thing you should do is record that problem in a piece of or in text editor on your computer.

For example if you encounter an error that is  you may think is critical, try an read the message before clicking "Ok" or "Cancel" this willl greatly help in our troubleshooting your problem.

If you have written in a text editor such MS word, or Notepad submit your computer problem to us via our Client Query form and we will answer your problem via email. This is a FREE service we provide

We help you with any problems you may experience you personal computer at home. Once you have logged a call via our Client Query, we will contact you. We will come to your place of residence or to your business and try and solve the issue on site.


3. Screen print your error

You can easily screen print your error message by typing Alt+Print Screen (located on the top row on your keypad) then save the image into a word document or paint save and upload in our Client Query. We will either contact you via phone or by email with instructions.

If we need to come to location it may only cost you can little as $35, on a No Fix No Charge basis.

3. Virus or Malware infections

If your computer behaves funny, such as opening you browser, opening you MS word or MS Outlook, processing is very slow or computer is much slower than normal. This is causion for viral or malware infections.

Make sure you have a working virus scan and a firewall operating at all times when online. If you virus software is unable to remove the infection, note down the viral name, usually shown by the virus scanner or the firewall. In most occasions one 1 viral infection tend to download other viral software resulting in multiple infections, therefore there is almost always more than 1 viral infection found by you viral scanner. Note all viral names so then we can manually remove them for you.


4. Home User Help

Search from the Top Menu in Helpful Tips and Technical Help, client inquiry database and our forum to see if you find the information to solve or troubleshoot you problem.

Carry out a search of our entire website, type in a search string on the top menu bar, anyone can carryout a search to troubleshoot computer problems. To search our database you need to register with us.

If you find a matching query then you may be able to fix the problem you self by following our instructions.


5. Remember what you did

If your computer started behaving weirdly after you installed a program, please try and remember what software you installed, what day you installed it and what are the problems after installation or during installation.

Try and write down the error message or screen print the error text box.


6. Professional affordable websites
Easy PC's affordable website solution is a great way to your personal or small business website get up and running quickly, click here to see our packages. We can provide you with an elegant and professional website when you are on a tight budget. Easy PC professional services will setup your new website with your company logo (which you supply) and install a number of attractive simple website templates with differing colour schemes and look that you can choose from. Using a simple method you select a template which matches your requirements and then you have a new website up and running within a days.
Once you have contacted us via phone or Client Query we will personal meet with you or over phone to gather some initial information. We will then design and setup your site in no time. Any additional requirements that you may want to integrate we can do with no additional cost as long as they are within the primary design you selected.