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Ways to increase Google search links to your business

1. Create as many Google reviews as possible. Use your happy clients, colleagues each will need an GMail or Google Suite emails for businesses (but could sign in using other email addresses).

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Searching Gmail tips

If you have a large Gmail box you will indefinitely need to do some search function to find an particular email.

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Landline telephone numbers important Australian organisations

If you can't call 13 or 1300 number due to your home phone plan find alternative local landline numbers hereAlternative landline telephone numbers for important Australian organisations.

Transfer images from iPhone to PC

If after connecting your iPhone via USB you are experiencing the following:

"Cannot see any photos in the DCIM folder of my iphone 4 when connected to my PC"

Internet Bandwidth Counter

For a limited time we are giving this application for FREE! Click here. If you receive a browser warning please ignore it and proceed with the download. This is a brand new application therefore the chrome, firefox and IE pops up a warning. The application is absolutely safe to run with no malware.


Survey On Creating A Business Website

Survey On Creating A Business Website


Display menu bar in IE (Internet Explorer)

The menu bar in IE 8 an higher is hidden by default.

Firefox Mozilla shortcuts

Below are some common keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

How to add friend as family in Facebook

Login to Facebook

How to change Gmail display name

  • Login to to you GMail and to go Settings
  • Click on Accounts and Import

How to bypass browser warnings of known downloaded files

If you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome you may experience browser warnings for unknown downloaded files.

Make a Facebook page

Goto the url

Click Create a Page

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