Configuring your Home Modem or Router

To setup you new modem or router connect the modem/router to the phone line and then to you computer via Ethernet port or USB.

The instructions for connecting the modem/router should be included in your user manual or package.

Once the modem/router is properly connected to you computer, power up the device and your computer and follow the below instructions.
1.    Open your browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer)
2.    In the address bar (URL), type in your modem IP usually this is

3.    Type in the password that was provided to you by your ISP (internet service provider)to login to the modem/router setup.

4.    In the setup enter the ADSL/ISP username and your ADSL/ISP password.

5.    The other settings such as the IP address default, you don’t normally need to change.

To setup you wireless router follow the below instructions.
6.    Type in the modem/router IP usually
7.    Login to your modem/router setup and go to wireless setup
8.    Enable your wireless setup
9.    To change the SSID (service set identifier – the name of your wireless network) enter any combination of words and numbers or leave default

10.    In the security option select WEP or WPA/WPA2-PSK choose passphrase (this is your password to you wireless network) and enter any combination or letters and number.

11.    Leave other settings default.


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