Configuring your Home Modem or Router

To setup you new modem or router connect the modem/router to the phone line and then to you computer via Ethernet port or USB.

Tips on building a Website

Website need to be 'done right'. In a time where web-building tools are readily available to anyone with a computer, it is incredibly easy to whip up a website.

Using images from internet without any copyright issues

If you are searching the web looking for images here are a few tips to keep it legal.

Windows blue screen of death error messages

If you get Windows blue screen of death (BSOD) and the computer shutdown and restarts this is a Windows STOP message. This means that your Windows OS has literally has stopped!

What happens when a computer power supply is turned on

1. When the computer's Power Supply is plugged into power socket, there is a 5 volt Standby power present for the power supply at all times.

How to reboot in Bios for Toshiba Tecra

1. Power up the laptop with the ESC button held down

2. At the start up screen press F1


You will enter the Bios!!!

Wireless mouse and keyboard not connecting

  • To reconnect your wireless mouse or keyboard
  • Check the back of your mouse or keyboard. You should see a small button marked "connect" or "reset", Press this button

How to shrink MS Excel table to fit in MS Word document

  • First copy the table in MS Excel

How to remove a Facebook friend

  • Login to your facebook account

How to fix and avoid Hard Drive errors

To fix hard drive error your need to run the DOS command CHKDSK. This command scans your selected drive for disk errors anf file error and automatically fixes the error. To maintain an error free hard drive you need to defragment the drive regularly.

How to create an Invisible Folder in Windows

1. Create a folder anywhere you like, for example on the Desktop or in My Documents.

Block a Sender by Email Address in Windows Live Hotmail

  • Select Options > More Options... from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • You will see Junk e-mail, click the Safe and blocked senders link under Junk e-mail.

Changing the microphone in Skype

  • Open Skype
  • On the top menu goto Tools > Options...

How to save Open Office document in compatible Microsoft document

Open Office writer (Text document writer)

How to make a Hotmail Account

Follow these steps to make hotmail account

1. Goto hotmail signup page, click here.
2. Fill the form that comes up on the page. If you need help, please keep reading

How to create a Facebook group

Follow these steps to create a Facebook group.

1. Click here to login to your Facebook account or create a new account.

Downloading & Installing OPENOFFICE.ORG.3.0


Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

A few useful tips for using Google Chrome

How to create a Facebook account

Follow these steps to create a Facebook account.

1. Go to

2. Fill up the signup form on the middle-right hand side of the page.

Scanning images or documents using Windows

Windows 7, Vista, XP provides a basic set of scanning drivers, also referred to as Windows Image Aquisition (WIA) drivers, that you can use as an alternative to scan a document when you can not scan using the the hardware providers driver.

Defragmenting your hard disc

1. Open the Start Menu

2. Click on My Computer

How use the password recovery disk

1. On the Windows XP logon screen, click the user name that you want to use. The Type your password box appears. Press ENTER or click the right-arrow button. You receive the following error message:

How to hide my phone number by dialing 1831

You can hide your phone number either landline, mobile, even VoIP by dialing 1831 in front of the number.

How to create a windows password recovery disk

1. Click on Start and then Control Panel.

2. Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link.

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