How to setup Outlook manually

Below video will demo how to set up and configure your MS Outlook to a email account provided by your hosting company.

Domain name lookup TLL and NameServers

For Windows OS nslookup to see the propagation of a domain name after Nameserver update.

Using Webmail

Watch the below demo video on using Webmail.

HP printer is offline HP 2600 series

If your MS Word is showing printer Offline every time you try to print but the HP printer software shows it’s online. Usually happens after Windows update. Follow the below steps.

XAMPP phpmyadmin error | Apache error | MySQL file import Error

Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit the same file and import will resume.

Creating a Favicon from video

Watch the below video to generate a high quality favicon using Paint.NET and Dynamic Drive web favicon generator.

Fade or blur an image in Photoshop

Load the image in Photoshop.

Create a new transparent sheet with a width larger than the loaded image.

Link access to Google Ad Words manager account

To request access to a client’s Google Ad Words

Login to your Google Ad Words manager account

Share access to Google Ad Words between emails

To grant access to your Google Ad Words login to your primary account.

Convert HIEC to JEPG on Windows

If you have bought a new iPhone or Samsung or new Android phone you may have experienced that the images are now save in the new format HEIC and HEIV for videos. These are classified as high efficiency image and video formats introduced in 2015.

Google Analytics setup video

Watch the below video on how to get your tracking code for your website.

Using Webmail

Quick training video on how to use Webmail. From MYEASYPC.

Add a PayPal logo to payment

  • To add a custom logo to your PayPal payment page.
  • Login to PayPal

DNS Check

To check all DNS records. Use the CMS prompt with the below commmad line

nslookup -query=ANY

Temp URL on mochahost hosting account

The temp URL for the uploaded website may look similar to below.

Setup SPF for Microsoft 365

You need to login to your Domain registrar or DNS management cPanel and update the current SPF TXT record or add an new TXT record for the SPF if none is found on your Domain's DNS.

Follow the instructions from SPF TXT record for Office 365.

Responding to a negative review or fake review on Google video

Watch the below video o how to remove a fake Google review.

Responding to a negative review or fake review on Google

Firstly open your browser chrome or firefox and search "Google My Business"

Go to Google My Business:

Setup SPF for G Suite

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework which prevents spammers from sending unauthorized emails from your domain. Spam filters setup on the recipient mail server, using SPF will sometimes prevent your emails from receiving in the users inbox.

Add whitelist in G Suite

Login in G Suite Admin

Getting PayPal API

Login to PayPal

Navigate to Tools > All Tools

Configuring Gmail for alias emails in G Suite

Watch the below video to learn how to configuring Gmail for alias emails.

Get the Google Apps | G Suite test domain from Google Admin

Get the Google Apps | G Suite test domain for testing delivery or to set up dual delivery.

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