Google Apps for Business

You may know about a Google Apps provided for businesses. Google launched this feature in 2006 for organizations who wanted to use Google's applications such as email, calendars, Google docs etc...  with their own domain name.

However if you search on Google you will be directed to Google Apps with Google Premier Edition with a free trial period of 30 days. After which you will need to purchase the service with around $50 per user paid to Google.

However if you click here you will be directed to Google's standard Apps which is completely FREE! Google Standard Apps

  • Click here to go to Google for Businesses
  • From the top menu, select Apps Editions
  • Click on Standard
  • Click on Get  Started and set up your Google App for your business

To access an already setup account type in the address bar

  • Click here
  • Below Begin Free Trial
  • Click on Sign in here
  • Enter your domain www...
  • Select Go To Email
  • Click Go

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