How to delete a service

Normally it shouldn't be necessary to manually delete a service. Uninstalling an application should remove its associated service (if any).

However, should it be necessary to manually remove a service, follow the below instructions.


  • Run Regedit or regedt32.
  • To run Regedit in XP type Regedit in run, In Vista or Later type Regedit in search bar from the start menu
  • Find the registry entry:     HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services
  • Find the service there and delete it.
  • You may wish to look at the keys and see what files the service was using and perhaps delete them also.


Note* You will have to reboot before the list gets updated in service manager. I have had it pointed out that some programs are cunning and prevent you from removing their service easily. (For example the spyware\malware called ‘Command Service’ - "cmdService".) These change the permissions to make it more difficult for you to delete them. For these you will have to right click on the ‘service’ in regedit (regedt32), go to permissions and grant the administrator full control before the service can be deleted.

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