Jailbreak iOS for iPOD, iPHONE and iPAD using Whited00r

Firmware upgrade for iPOD, iPHONE and iPAD | Jailbreak iOS for iPOD, iPHONE and iPAD using Whited00r. If you want to upgrade your old iOS for 4G, 6G... or you want to get free apps from App providers such as App Time Machine or Cydia, you need to upgrade your iPOD or iPHONE iOS using Whited00r modified iOS.

You can read more about Whited00r here.

Here I will show you how to upgrade your 1G iPOD iOS1 (1.3.1) to iOS3 (3.1.3) and be able to download and install Apps from Time Machine. These instructions can be duplicated to upgrade later iOS for 2G, 3G  iPOD, iPHONEs and iPADs.


  1. Download the requiredWhited00r iOSfrom Whited00r. I have downloaded Whited00r 6.0 iOS for iPOD Touch 1G.
  2. Extract the all folder files from the zip file, you will see a .ipsw file. In my case it the iPOD Touch1G_WD6.ipsw, this is the upgrade for the iPOD
  3. Download and install iTunes. iTunes can be downloadedhere.
  4. Connect the iPOD to the PC or MAC

  5. Launch iTunes and access the iPOD

  6. On a PC: hold down the SHIFT key and click Restore iPOD...

  7. On the next window navigate to the extracted iPOD Touch1G_WD6.ipsw file and click open.

  8. Install the Whited00r iOS on the iPOD. This may take upto 30 minutes, do not unplug the iPOD until the installation is complete.
  9. Once the iPOD has been updated to iOS3 you will see the new OS with default Apps.

  10. Unlike the Apple iOS you will see an App for App Market.
  11. Open App Market this allows you to download Apps from App  store or scroll left to access Time Machine or Cydia. Most or all Apps in these sites  are free, download, install  and enjoy.

For more instructions go to Whited00r tutorials.

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