Access Windows Registry

  • Click the Windows Start Menu, the Windows icon in left corner of the screen
  • In the Search box type regedit and press Enter
  • Click on regedit.exe link given by the search result. Below is an image of Windows Registry Editor


How to restore Network icon in system tray

  • Right click the Task bar.
  • Click Properties. This takes you to Taskbar and Start Menu Propeties
  • Click on Notifications Area tab

How to restart explorer.exe

  • Right clcik the Trak bar. Below is an image of the Task Bar

Windows Recovery Console Commands

Once you are in the recovery console command line type help and press enter to list all the DOS commands. Below is a description of all of the commands, type the command in DOC command line exactly as it appears and press enter

Windows Recovery Console

1. Boot From the Windows XP CD. To enter Recovery Console in Windows XP, you will need to boot from the Windows XP CD.

Note* To change the boot sequence enter your computers BIOS, and change the boot sequence

How to create Google AdSense

Goto to Google AdSense

To create Adsense or Google ads on your website login to your Google AdSense account


How to remove a static IP

1. Go to Network and sharing center

How to set a static IP for your computer

1. Goto Network and sharing center

Verify that the network DLL files are registered and running correctly

*DLL files are small files that include a library of functions and data that can be shared across multiple applications*

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

Verify the network services setting is enabled from control panel

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

Verify network connections services is enabled

For networking to work cooreclty the necessary services need to be started.

*The Services settings simply direct the system to stop, start, and administer system services*


Verify network adapter is working

Network settings such as adapter settings and services enable you to connect your computer to a network. If these settings are incorrect, network connectivity issues can occur.

Can not find Network Adapter

1. Check the BIOS to make sure the Ethernet Port is enabled

2. If you can't se anything called "Ethernet ..." enter "Integrated Peripherals"  set it to enabled or reset that page

How to Identify your Motherboard and search for Drivers

1 . Download the CPU-Z freeware tool. You can download from here. Or you can download cpu-z-1.55-setup-en.exe from our database. Login and goto Query Answer Database under User Menu.

How to access Windows services

Goto windows icon navigate to All Programs > Accessories > run or in type run in the search box

In the run box type Services.msc and enter


Create ISO image files on a USB

To create and ISO image file on usb you have to download the following unetbootin-windows-248.exe. Download and install the program on your PC and run the program.

How to set up a new wireless network manually in Windows 7

1. Click the Windows icon

2. Goto Control panel

How to install new fonts in your computer

First search the web for a good site that you can download fonts from

Check out our Web resources the under Web resources link there is a link to a site called this is one of many sites you can download new fonts from

Clean your Windows registry to speed up your computer

There are many reasons why a computer becomes slow and slow to start up. However one of the major reasons why your computer is slow is beacuse the windows registry entry setting are broken or wrong.

BIOS setup

BIOS (basic input/output system) is a small non-volatile ROM (read only memory) chip built in to your computer mother board. BIOS contains a small program, instructions and data structures that internally control various electronic devices.

Blue screen of death, How to fix

Anyone using Windows has likely experienced the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’, a.k.a. ‘Windows Stop Error’. This is a common error that occurs whenever Windows come across a software, hardware, or driver error preventing it from operating properly. So basically, almost anything from a minor glitch to a major system malfunction can cause this error to appear.


Speeding up your computer

You can speed up your computer boot up using msconfigYou can disable the splash screen (the windows logo at the startup) and other startup programs and service using msconfig, an inbuilt windows system configuration utility.

How to boot up in windows safe mode

1. At the start of your PC just after the boot up sequence had finished click on F8 (located on the top row on your keypad)

Note* you will only have a small window of opportunity to do this, otherwise just restart the PC and try again

How hack Windows password without a recovery disc

Do you need to hack into windows to recover lost or forgotten passwords? You will need to download a free software called ophcrack to recover windows passwords.

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