Creating and restoring an image of hard disk with Clonezilla

Clonezilla is an open source disk imaging tool similar to Norton Ghost. It can create a complete image of the hardrive from the command prompt and restore a hardrive from the image.

How setup Microsoft Outlook with new mail account

Follow the below instructions to setup MS Outlook with a new mail account.


1. Open MS Outlook


How to boot from DVD/CD drive

If you have a boot up disk or a OS installation disk such as Windows XP, Vista or 7 installation disk.

1. At the start of the PC press F12. You may need to press F12 several times during the boot up.

2. At the bootup menu, select the boot device with the arrow keys. You can also enter the BIOS set up from this menu.

Install Windows 7 from command prompt

To install Windows 7 from command prompt you will need to ceate a Windows 7 bootup/repair disk. You will need to creat this from a computer with Windows 7 or Window Vista.


For instructions on how to create bootup/repair disk click here.

DELL drivers

If you have recently formatted and reinstalled an OS on a DELL computer you may need to download and install correct drivers for your DELL to work properly. To download the correct drivers from DELL official site, you will require the DELL service tag or the DELL model number.

Conflicts with Apache and Skype

If you are having trouble starting Apache and you have installed Skype on the same machine, there may be conflicts in port the

two application are using.

How to find product key for Windows XP CD

Now we shall know How-To access it...

1. Right click on the drive (e.g your DVD drive) where you have inserted your Windows XP CD & click 'open' or 'explore'

Google AdSense

To add Google AdSense you first need to have your own website and host on a public host server. Then you need a Google login and password. You can use your Gmail account username and password if you have one. Otherwise you will need to register with Google AdSense. To go to Google Adsense click here. (

Google Apps for Business

You may know about a Google Apps provided for businesses. Google launched this feature in 2006 for organizations who wanted to use Google's applications such as email, calendars, Google docs etc...  with their own domain name.

How to delete a service

Normally it shouldn't be necessary to manually delete a service. Uninstalling an application should remove its associated service (if any).

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