Google AdWords Setup

The below video demonstrates how to setup and optimize your first AdWords campaign.

Monetizing YouTube by linking AdSense

    1. Go to the Monetization page. Get there by clicking your icon in the top right > Creator Studio. Then, in the left menu, click Channel > Monetization.

How to remove an AdWords account | Remove a credit card from AdWords

If you need to remove or delete an AdWords account for any reason follow the below instructions.  One of the good reasons you may want to delete an AdWords account is becuase you have set a Credit Card and want to completely remove it.

Setting up Google Merchant Center for Google shopping video demo

The below video demonstrates how to setup Google Merchant Center for Google shopping. This will display your shopping cart items in your Google AdWords campaign.

Editing Zoho CRM automated email template rule for leads

The below instructions will detail how to edit or create a Zoho CRM workflow rule to send emails automatically when a new lead is created or a when leads are imported via the API call.

Migrate from Gmail to Google Apps


Transfer a domain to a reseller account in Google Apps

1. Generate the transfer token

If you have access to your customer’s account, you can generate the transfer token yourself. Otherwise, ask your customer to perform these steps and send the token to you:

Windows 10 (or 8.1) How to fix: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

Watch the below video to learn how to fix startup error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE in your Windows 10 OS.

Adding click to Call Button in Ad Words

You can include a click to call button for mobile devices in your Ad Words campaign, as seen below.

How to Change Color in Photoshop video

Watch the below video to learn how to change color of an image or a photo.

Windows 10 FREE upgrade

Get your FREE Windows 10 upgrade from official Microsoft site

How to backup an iPhone and iPad using iTunes video

Watch the below video for a demonstration.

How to backup an iPhone and iPad using iTunes

How to backup an iPhone and iPad using iTunes

First thing is for you to download  iTunes fro

Google AdWords setup

  • Watch the Below video to learn how to create your Google AdWords campaign.

Creating a favicon using Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop does not by default let you save a .png or .jpg file as .ico. To create a favicon you need to save an image file in favicon.ico and place the favicon.ico file in the root directory of your website.

Creating a domain alias and alias email in Google Apps

Login to your admin console on Google Apps.

Applying structured markup data to Google

Applying structured markup data in HTML5 is great for better SEO results on Google. The below video demonstration to you can get the HTML5 code from Google webmaster tool Structured data markup helper.

Macro to convert text to hyperlink in MS Word

If you need to convert url texts in MS Word then run the below Macro.

Stop Gmail sending known emails to spam

Go to Spam label in Gmail and open the email you want to mark as not spam.

Google spreadsheet custom formula in conditional formatting

Watch the below video to learn about the new custom formula in conditional formatting.

How to use Zoho Invoice video

The below video demonstrate how to create an invoice in Zoho Invoice.

Remove email copy in Outlook video

If you have a email provider and you suddenly stop receiving mail, the likely cause is your mailbox is full on your mail server.

Sharing Google Forms

After creating a Google Form and you are are getting the below error when sharing on the internet.

Refine edges in Photoshop CS5 video

Watch the below video to learn how to refine edges on a photo selection.