How to install Joomla CMS on localhost

First you will need to search and download XMAPP, LAMP or WAMP. These are a bundled packages of the Apache server, PHP and MySQL. For this excersice we will assume we are using XAMPP (my personal favorite) Once this is installed you can procced with the installation of Joomla. You can download XAMPP from ApacheFriend or here.

Install by extracting the XAMPP folder to your root drive or the C:/ drive. You can find out if XAMPP and Apache server is installed correctly by typing http://localhost or http://localhost/xampp in your browser and pressing enter


Search and download Joomla compressed file usually in .zip file. You can download latest Joomla from Joomla or Joomla 1.5 from our database. Extact the Joomla .zip files into htdocs folder, usually located at C:/xampp/htdocs


Open your browser and type http://localhost/joomla


You will now see the first Joomla installation screen.

Choose Language and press Next




Pre-installation Check, no user intervension is needed here, press Next



License, press next



Database Configuration

Select Database: Type MySql

Host Name: localhost

Username: This is your MySql database username, you would have entered this when installing the XAMPP MySql component

Password: MySql database password

Database Name: Your choose database name

Press Next




FTP Configuration,no user intervension is needed here, press Next




Main Configuration

Enter a Site Name:

Enter an E-mail

Admin Password: Enter your admin password. This password is very imporant as this gives the backend access to your Joomla CMS

Install Default Sample data: Recommended. You can later delete any or all Joomla default articles from the Admin panel

Press Next








To do this navigate to C:/xampp/htdoc you will see a directory called Installation, select and delete (send to recycle) this folder



Do back to the browser and press Site to take you to your newly installed Joomla CMS site on localhost.

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