PayPal Payment Data Transfer

To setup Payment Data Transfer (PDT) with you PayPal account follow the below instructions:

Login to PayPal and click on Profile

Moving Magento to another server

Follow the below instructions for moving your Magento shop from one hosting server to another hosting server. To perform this operation you need to have access to the file and the Magento database.

Format number entries in C#

To format number or numerical user entries use the below C# code:

Scroll bar for a resizable WPF windows

To create a vertical and horizontal scroll bar for a WPF window use the following code in the .xaml design.

Open a web page in my C# application

Use the below C# code to open a Web page in your default browser, in an WPF or Winforms C# application.

Installing Wordpress on XAMPP video

Follow the instructions on the below video on installing Wordpress on XAMPP server.

Updating a ASP.NET Web Application on Production PDF Print E-mail

You can update an ASP.NET application by transferring .aspx files from the development environment.

JQuery slideshow in ASP.NET

Follow the below instruction to create a JQuery slideshow in your ASP.NET website.

Client side Javascript in ASP.NET

Below is a simple example of Javascript function executing on a ASP.NET page

HTML image with url link and spacing

  • Below is an example for creating a HTML images located in a folder. There are two images separated by a horizontal spacing.

Remove "Comments are closed." from WordPress

To remove the line "Comments are closed."  tag line from WordPress pages after you untick Allow comments, follow the below instructions.

php and MySql script for Registration and login form

Below is an example of php script along with MySql script for retrieving data from HTML input boxes and saving into MySql database. Then retrieving data from the MySql database using php.

SEO for Magento

Login to Magento Admin section

Enable the Search Engines Friendly URLs in Magento:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track the performance of your website.

Export ASP GridView to Excel

  • Create an ASP button or an ImageButton on the form where the GridView is located.

Using AsyncFileUpload ajax control in an ASP.NET GridView

You may have come accros this problem when using an AsyncFileUpload control from the AjaxControlToolkit. Once you have placed the AsyncFileUpload within a template field of the GridView everything works fine the web page will be compiled and loaded.

Sending email from ASP.NET using SMTP

Below will example a way of sending email from ASP.NET using Gmail SMTP. First you will need an email created in Gmail. You will be using the email address and login password to connect to the gmail smtp server.

Create an Accordion in ASP.NET using ASP.NET AjAX video

Watch the below video for more information.

Create an Accordion in ASP.NET

First you will need to download the Ajax Control Toolkit and install it in your Visual Wb Developer or Visual Studio.

How to set style to a php variable

If you want to set styling to an php variable rendered in HTML ypu can use the same styling techniques for HTML as below:

How to integrate a php captcha

You can download most php captcha for free from the web. Most are GNU means you can use and modify the code. I downloaded this php

CSS/HTML ul list style

Below is an example of list styling in CSS and HTML. Add the styling tags inside the HTML ul tag.

Using php if statement

Below is an example of a php code snipet to change the title of a web page using php. The title changes according to a variable passed in through $_GET then a if statement with elseif is used to change the title according to the variable.

CSS/HTML font style

Below is an example of CSS/HTML font styling.

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