Add related products in Magento

  • Login in to Magento Admin
  • Navigate to Catelog > Manage Products

Adding a post in Wordpress

Watch the below video to learn how to add a post, blog category and publish to menu in Wordpress

Using MySQL Workbench to Connect to hosted database over TCP/IP

First download MySQL Workbench from here

Execute php on your PC

To execute php scripts will need to installl the Apache Server, PHP (PHP 5.0 the latest) minimal. If you need to store data you all need to install MySQL. All these products are available for FREE!

CLR20r3 error on WPF application developed in C#

If your application is accessing a database, e.g. SQL database and you already have the latest .NET platform installed and the SQL server instance is installed and running.

Installing XAMPP. Apache server and MySQL

Installing XAMPP will install Apache server and MySQL for Windows as a bundle.

  • Download the XAMPP. You can find the latest from Apache and friends or Version 1.7.3 from our database. Make sure you download the Installer version for Windows

How to change the XAMPP server port number

Follow the instructions below to change the port number for Apache server


1. Stop the XAMPP server, if it is running already.

2. Open the file [XAMPP Installation Folder]/apache/conf/httpd.conf.

Apache and IIS on same computer

There may be issues when running Apache and IIS on the same machine. This means that you will need to configure the

Apache to run on a different port to the default port 80.

Moving joomla site from local PC to web server

  • Export Joomla database from local PC's localhost phpMyAdmin
  • Change Joomla configuration.php to reflect web server

How to enable legacy in Joomla

This article details how to activate Joomla 1.5 legacy so that older versions of modules and components can be used in Joomla 1.5

Changing the Simplest Forum frame height in Joomla

  • Navigate to : C:\xampp\htdocs\Joomla\components\com_simplestforum\views\postlist\tmpl\default_form.php
  • Open file: default_form.php in a text editor

Auto publishing of articles in Joomla

If you want your Authors to be able to publish articles default when saved or auto publish articles so that they appear in your site immediately, you need to hack some of the Joomla core code. Do the following:


Adding a New Module Position in Joomla

Add the following code in the index.php file located in the template folder.

Goto folder templates>"template name" within this folder you will see index.php open in edit


Change WordPress default homepage

Login to the Admin panel

go to:  Settings > Reading

On Front page displays: select A static page

On Front page: select the desired page from the dropdown list.

How to install Joomla CMS on localhost

First you will need to search and download XMAPP, LAMP or WAMP. These are a bundled packages of the Apache server, PHP and MySQL. For this excersice we will assume we are using XAMPP (my personal favorite) Once this is installed you can procced with the installation of Joomla. You can download XAMPP from ApacheFriend or here.

How to change the text colour in HTML

To change the color of a word, or sentence, you put <font color="#cc0000"> before the text you want colored, and </font> at the end. (substituting the "cc0000" with the code for the color you want)

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