How to edit the WP Smart-Mobile footer

If you are using the WP Smart Mobile plugin for mobilizing your Wordpress site and you want to edit the footer, follow the below instructions. (Instructions are for Wordpress 4 or older)

Creating social sharing buttons in Magento

There are several ways to add social sharing buttons, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter  to your Magento store. You can choose from free such as Simplified Social Sharing or hack the core theme code and add your own buttons.

Installing Ajax Control Toolkit

1. Download the Ajax Control Toolkit

The first step is to download the Ajax Control Toolkit. You can download the latest version of the Ajax Control Toolkit from CodePlex.

Service Temporarily Unavailable in Magento error

To fix "Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable" on your Magento Shopping Cart, the solution is to turn off the maintenance mode.

To do this go to the Magento root folder and delete maintenance.flag file.

Magento Contact form not sending mail

If after setting your email to contact us form is not sending emails. Follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

Redirect to www using htaccess redirect

To set all requests coming in to get redirected to follow the below instructions. htttp://www. redirects are essential for good SEO of the website.

Magento checkout progress not working

If during the Magento check out process the you can't seem to progress past the Shipping Method and the side bar check progress is not showing, follow the below instructions to fix it.

Custom send button in Contact Form 7 for Wordpress

Create the contact form in the Contact Form 7

How to change Magento header content

To change the header content in a Magento theme follow the below instructions.

Add discount rules in Magento. Free shipping rule in Magento

Login to Magento admin section. (This is based on Magento 1.x)

Navigate to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules

Change Magento checkout labels such as "Billing Information"

To change the checkout labels in Magento for example: If you wanted to change the "Billing Information" to "Customer Information" follow the below instructions.

Card Massage | Order Comment in Magento

If you need to install a Order Comment box to be installed in Magento where a customer can leave a card massage or a comment with the order you need to install Brainvire Order Comment | Order Comment Magento Extension.  You can get it here

Adding page links to the main menu in Magento

  1. Log in to the Admin , select Catalog > Manage Categories.

Increase column numbers in Magento

If you want to increase the number of displayed products columns in row in Magento 1 column template follow the below instructions.

Joomla error Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::import()...

After transferring or installing a Joomla site and you are getting a stack of errors as the following

Google SEO for https:// transitioning

Avoid hard coded links. Instead of:  <a href="">here</a>

Use: <a href="//">here</a>


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Creating an Instagram widget

If you want to install an Instagram widget to stream and integrate an Instagram account into a website some instances will require a Client ID and Client Secret obtained from developer section of Instagram.

Adding a contact us in Magento

Login to the admin section of the Magento website

Go to CMS>Pages

Magento error: "The directory is not rewritable by server" video

Watch the below video to fix "The directory is not writable by server" error.


Magento error: "The directory is not rewritable by server"

When trying to upload media or images and you encounter  "The director  is not rewritable by server" error in Magneto here is how to fix it.

Change the Wordpress logo in Admin login

First create png file with the name logo w-logo-blue.png optimal size width 80px by 80px height.

Replace the Wordpress  logo w-logo-blue.png  located in the website.. \wp-admin\images\ logo w-logo-blue.png

Disabling Wordpress automatic updates

To disable the auto updates in Wordpress, simply add this line of code in your wp-config.php file:

Magento magestore bannerslider

If you have installed Magestore Bannerslider and receiving the below error

Change product images width and height in Magento

To increase or decrease product images in the products page you need to edit 2 files in the Magento core files.

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