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Adding new users to a Magento Shopping Cart

To add a shop owner or a manager to a Magento shopping cart follow the below instructions.

Add 'Shop By" block in Magento

1. Go to admin section. Open Manage Categories in admin section.

How to edit the 'Community Poll' in Magento

1. If you want to change the text that appear as 'Community Poll' on the front end of you Magento shopping cart follow the below instructions.

How resolve a Wordpress site to from non-www to www

If you want to resolve a non-www to www URL e.g. to, you have to edit the .htaccess file of you Wordpress site.

Google analyitcs custom keyword dashboard reports

Once you have set up Google analytics you can create customize the keyword reports in the keyword dashboard. The easiest way is to use a published customized keyword report. For detailed information on creating Google analytics and custom dashboard reports click here.

Creating an animated .gif in Photoshop

The instructions here is based on Photoshop CS5, CS6

Creating a custom error page in ASP.NET

Open your project in Visual Studio

From the top menu click Add New Item...

Integrate twitter steam or twitter widget into a website

To integrate twitter stream or widget into a html, a Wordpress or a Joomla website follow the below instructions.

Shortcodes used in Wordpress Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Column Layouts Shortcodes. Elegant themes from

Magento SMTP extension

Download the Magento SMTP extension: ArtsOnITAdvancedSmtp from Magento connect or here (extract the .zip file and install the .tgz file directly into Magento).

How to change Joomla footer

If you are looking to edit or remove the credit footer note "Joomla templates by Joomlashine" follow the below instructions:

How to change Facebook page URL

Any Facebook page owner can now change a page’s vanity URL once without having to submit a request or work directly with a Facebook representative.

Creating a Facebook page URL

Follow the instruction below tp create a Facebook page vanity URL.

Change the Magento Admin URL

It is a good idea to hide or change the default admin URL of your Magento shopping cart. To do this follow the below steps.

Adding a Facebook like button to a Wordpress site

When you add a “Like” button to your site, you’re creating a mini web service or application. To add like button follow the below steps.

Remove or disable the ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX in Magento

There is no functionality to disable this ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX module. You need to edit cart.phtml file from FTP

Configure Table Rate shipping method in Magento

  • Login to Magento Admin
  • Goto System > Configuration

Adding a configurable product in Magento video

Watch the below video to add a product with color and size variants to a Magento shopping cart.

Edit a Wordpress page in HTML video

Watch the below video to learn how to edit a Wordpress page in HTML.

Styling Contact Form 7 in Wordpress

Below is an example of the types of styling you can achieve with Contact Form 7 used with Wordpress. You can use HTML and CCS code to style a Contact Form 7

HTML refresh button

To create a refresh button use the below html code:

How to change the default WordPress email From name and address

There two ways you can change the from email name and address

Align text in CSS

In today's browsers HTML <table> tags may not be the most adaptable for aligning text, images and urls. You will need to use <div> tags.

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