Computer Fixing


If you having difficulties using your computer, you can always submit a Client Query to us  or search our knowledge base in General Help, Technical Help or Web Resources. Some problems with computers occur when you are missing a required application or an operating system file. As a registered user you can search our database to find and download useful applications, files and information. *Never force shutdown a computer during a windows or an application setup.


This creates errors in your Operating System files which lead to windows errors and more serious windows start up errors.  If you have submitted a Client Query we will contact you soon as possible by email or upload the solution in our Query Answer Database. You just need to register and and login to view your answer in the database.  If it is not possible for us solve the problem quickly we will come to your premises CHARGES APPLY. If we CAN NOT solve the problem there is NO CHARGE to you. We will also advise you the way to avoid it in the future.