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How to submit as article

When you are registered with us you are automatically registered as an author this gives you the privillages to submit useful articles that may help our other users.

If you have the knowledge and knowhow on common computer troubleshooting, technical info or know of a useful weblink you can submitt an article or submit a web link here.


  • First decide where your article should appear, there are 2 categories "Helpful Tips"  which are general information and "Technical Help" which are more advanced computer related information.
  • Login to your account. Once logged in you will see a User Menu
  • From the User Menu click either "Submit an Article in Helpful Tips" or "Submit an Article in Technical Help".
  • Give your article a Title.
  • Then enter your knowledge in the text editor (WYSWYG editor).
  • Select Section "Top-General Help" or "Top-Technical Help"
  • Select Category "General Help"  or "Technical Help" this should be auto selected.
  • Enter Description this is a sentence or a short paragraph detailing what you have entered e.g. "How to remove bad Trojan viruses manually"
  • Enter Keywords this is a list of words that best describes you article. The words should be separated by "," e.g. computer, help, Trojan virus, Trojan, etc etc...
  • Leave all other settings as they are

Your article will now appear in the Top Menu under Helpful Hints or Technical Help.


If you want to upload an image you can do this by clicking the Image link that appear below the WYSIWYG editor.

  • On the dialog box that appear
  • Click on Choose File button
  • Browse to you image file and click Start Upload
  • Once the upload is finished, find your image file within the dialoag box
  • Click the image and click on Insert button


However if your internet is slow or can not upload via the Image link, you will need to submit the image to us via our client query, in the client query enter the name of your article and upload the image file by clicking the File Upload button. We will then upload the image in a suitable size in images/stories folder with the same filename you submitted within 48hours.

  • Visit our site after this time to edit your article to include the image.
  • Login to your account and find your article
  • Next to the article click 
  • Scroll down to the location you want to insert the image
  • Click advanced.image_dec from the above menu
  • In the Image URL type in images/stories/filename (this filename should be the same filename you uploaded in the client query). You should see the dimensions already picked up
  • Click insert to insert the image.



You can also submit resourceful web links on our site, to do this

  • Click "Submit a Web Link" from the User Menu
  • Enter a name
  • Copy and paste the URL:\\ or type in the URL of the website
  • Select a category from either "Web resource links" which are general web sites or "Computer troubleshooting links" which are specific computer fix web sites
  • Click published button to "Yes"
  • Enter a description
Your web link will now appear in the Top Menu under Web Resources.