Software Troubleshooting


Most problems occur with computers when they are infected with unknown malware such as viruses & spyware or incorrect installation of programs.  These result in programs that lock up, printers that suddenly won’t print, operating systems that won’t boot and lots of other common errors are all somehow related to the operation of software on your PC. Most common errors and answers can be found on our website or search our database for the required application or file.



Unfortunately troubleshooting software problems is one of the most difficult tasks to solve in computers. This is because your operating systems (OS) most often a windows OS, device drivers (software needed to operate hardware such as your printer, mouse, display etc) are all coded into files, these need to be sending and receiving instructions on your computer. Adding, editing or removing any of these files by you another software program, virus or spyware programs can disrupt the normal operation of your PC.